Nursing Heart, Inc



Nursing Heart Inc is an organization of and for nurses, doctors and all who offer care to those in need.   It is committed to providing the motivation to keep the heart in all care-giving activities while making a difference at home and in the world.  

Who we are.

Nursing Heart Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization in the

United States of America

Nursing Heart

-fosters international outreach of care through its initiative Guatemala Esperanza

-promotes unique educational opportunities for those interested in international medicine and nursing

-provides service learning opportunities for institutional and private groups

-provides support to other NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) doing work in Guatemala and other places in the world

-promotes healing with music through its initiative Healing Songs

-provides opportunities such as spirituality retreats for caregivers to find renewal and strength

-publishes the Monday Morning Meditation for caregivers to find motivation and support in their work of offering care.

Nursing Heart attends to the deeper motivations of caregiving. The organization of members seeks to highlight and promote methods and means to foster compassionate care in all healthcare professions.

What we do.